Like Snowflakes

by Sunny Intervals

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A home-recorded winter EP with five songs:

1. Like Snowflakes
2. Christmas In Your Sights
3. Winter Sun Origami
4. Everywhere, Clouds!
5. New Year's Day
6. Draw The Curtains


released December 22, 2016

(P) and (C) Sunny Intervals 2016




Sunny Intervals London, UK

Imaginary, lo-fi, indiepop songs from London.

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Track Name: Like Snowflakes
I watched the lantern flicker into dark
I mixed up east and west and south and north
I fell away like snowflakes on the cars parked by the church
But I'll catch you if you skate into my path
So fall away with me
Fall away like snowflakes
Falling away with me
Fall away like snow, fall away like snow
Like snow

I left the presents on the taxi ride
The mulled wine boiling in the microwave
I fell like frosted cornflakes upon the kitchen tiles
But I'll catch you when you're dancing after hours
So fall away with me
Fall away like snowflakes
Falling away with me
Fall away like snow, fall away like snow
Like snow, like snow, like snow
Track Name: Christmas In Your Sights
Familiar lights, a familiar feel
A picture of you wearing tinsel
But honey it's only June
Well you'll peak too soon
A chill in the air brings a spring to your step
The people at work start to smile when they chance on you in the lifts
But they always did
And every high street sings 'come down and join the party'
And every Carol throws her arms around you

A charity shop in the centre of town
You're already wondering which celeb will turn the Christmas lights on
But it's still only June
And every tree has its tinsel missing
The first two notes of every doorbell you ring sound like a festive tune
But it's still only June
And every landmark looks best with snow upon it
And every church bell is a kind of tonic

And all through the heartache of the summer
Well it's such a long wait, but all you have to do is drift away
And you can almost catch Christmas in your sights
Track Name: Winter Sun Origami
When I first saw you it was Arctic cold
I was folding paper cranes, wearing fingerless gloves
I cut my finger folding a Shuriken star
Checked it in the light of the carriage window

Then right before my eyes
Outside my windows
Catching the sun
Outside my windows
Track Name: Everywhere, Clouds!
The lights, bright amongst the cold
Decorate the river, and
Softly illuminate the choir
Singing by the Thames
Hitting all those high notes
Brings an extra shiver to the cold
I might take their songs with me everywhere

I'll walk, from Temple to Blackfriars
From Charing Cross to Vauxhall
As my footsteps quicken with the snow
In a old black and white showreel
A paperweight in monochrome from a cold shopkeeper on their stall
With hats and scarves and gloves
Beneath the brightest billboards
As the choir keeps singing through the snow
Have you ever felt a song slowly lift away the storm clouds?
A refrain that shakes away the snow?
You can't take those clouds with you everywhere
Track Name: Draw The Curtains
I skipped the part, when the local celebrities danced in the cold village hall
I skipped the night, when the firework smoke fell on the crowds in the school playing fields
I drew my breath, on the back of a postcard
But I skipped the morning, when the couples scraped ice off identikit cars by the road

And I'll hook the chain on the door
Draw the curtains and silence the phone
Cancel the milk and the pay as you go
Just lift me out of this winter